February 3, 2012 Uncategorized

Two days straight of report writing and not seeing the outside of my house, I finally got fully vertical this afternoon and went to traipse along the shore at Alki. It was a blissfully self-indulgent afternoon, filled with: one necessary cappucino and one unnecessary mint green tea chocolate chip cookie, seventeen photos of my surroundings and my self portrait smiling in said surroundings, three of which I boastfully uploaded to every social media account I own, one long stroll upRead More

tea ceremonies

January 21, 2012 Uncategorized

we navigate a wrinkled treasure map to a place that only exists in partial light, half thoughts and half whispers. we have packed our bags full to the brim with light and love and energy to fix the unfixable, our bags so full that we might light up the entire village we’re headed to, if only things ran on courage and hope instead of liquified dinosaur bones. some days we trudge on like beefed up army guys tip toeing aroundRead More

PNW salvagery

October 22, 2011 Uncategorized

This is a birthday gift I recently did for a friend of mine. Paint pens on part of an old door found in the alley, that I ripped apart. Green paint is original, which is why it caught my eye in the first place. I had planned on using the entire door frame on which I’d staple unstretched canvas, but it was so rickety and full of bugs that I ended up salvaging the good boards and ditching the rest.Read More