it’s grant reporting season.

April 20, 2011 Uncategorized

The last few days of work have been rough. I’ve spent most of the waking hours each day glued to a chair, crouched stiffly over my archaic work laptop, squinting at data tables and paragraphs that I’ve rearranged so many times the words just bleed together now when I try to read them. I’ve had to bail on dinners with friends 3 times this week, so that I could stay up until 12 and 1am working to get a narrative ready by morning only to have it come back to me by mid-afternoon for a second, or third round of revisions.

At lunch, I go outside for 30 minutes and eat lunch with some colleagues at a plastic picnic table on our office lawn. The sun reminds me of how little natural light and air I get lately. I swear, this weekend will involve walking outdoors if it’s the only thing I accomplish other than finally washing the growing pile of laundry on my bathroom floor.

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