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I have a house now, and aside from a few minor issues like the plumbing being bad, bugs biting us, the walls showing signs of leaks during past rains, the water pressure being terrible, and a host of other fixes, it’s pretty nice. My room has its own bathroom, a windowsill wide enough that I can put a cushion on it and lay down in the sunlight, there is a collection of fruit trees in the backyard garden, and outside my room is a private deck that I have a hammock in mind for. It’s great to be moved out of the guest house and into something I can feel more comfortable in, with space of my own to do whatever I please.

This evening, after getting home with more bags full of stuff for the house (this time, dishes and hangers), I went for a reconnaissance walk around the main street that we live near. It felt delicious to walk around, somewhat enshrouded by the dark, feeling the freedom of my feet navigating the rocks and mud. I bought carrots, peaches and apples, with plans to make fresh juice in our juicer when I got home. I also bought some cans of vegetables, for emergency days when I feel too tired to cook something.

When I got home, I put the fruit in the fridge, and ate the cans of vegetables.


  1. melissa says:

    a house! how wonderful!

    and this might sound like a stupid question… but… you said you were going to be drinking wine the other night… is it easy to find alcohol in afghanistan? for some reason, i’m under the impression that it would not be easy to find in a muslim country.

    • heyosita says:

      Well let me put it this way.. yes, it can be difficult, but if it was impossible, thousands of people would never ever come to work here :)

      Many restaurants (that only cater to expats) serve alcohol. Often poor quality and overpriced for sure. There are also discreet delivery services that will bring it to your door, but also insanely expensive (a 24case of beer costs my housemate 100 dollars). If you know someone who works at the Embassy or PRT, you can try to work that connection, because those places always supply it for their staff. Finally, there is the Duty Free shop, on your way in from Dubai. You are allowed 2 bottles each time. So yes, it can be hard to find, and you definitely have to be careful, but there is always a way.. :)

  2. melissa says:

    fascinating! i guess it’s time to start distilling whiskey on your stove top! ;)

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