Oh, the usual.

April 27, 2011 Reflections

Today on the carpool ride to work I glanced out the window as we turned onto a busy street in Kulola Pushta, and did a double take. Sticking out from the trunk of the little red toyota corrolla next to us were the raw legs of an animal carcass. With the trunk tied down over the protruding body, four hooves and glistening, flesh-pink legs bounced around as the car manuevered the potholed dusty street. The remainder of the bare bodyRead More

Friday night reading.

April 22, 2011 Reflections, Uncategorized

Some more insight on aid, donors and the relationships that affect both the appropriateness and efficiency/overall impact of this industry on the people it’s supposed to help — from a great article by Waylaid Dialectic: Aid’s boosters and its bureaucrats do, of course, have their shortcomings (they’re human, in other words). And this does contribute to worse aid. But that ain’t the real story. The real story is that they’re working with the money of, and are accountable to, aRead More

in which we are living in different universes, side by side

April 21, 2011 Reflections, Uncategorized

Today before my colleague left for the day, I wished him luck on his 5th exam for the week. He’s had one each evening after he gets off work, and I know that because he’s so busy at the office and preparing for a very-near upcoming wedding, he hasn’t had much time to study. I asked him how prepared he felt for this one, a business exam, and he said ‘Nothing! I haven’t prepared at all!’ Then he turned hisRead More