January 20, 2011 Uncategorized

My small triumph for the day, aside from the aforementioned hair cutting, was seeing that one of the three potted seeds we’ve planted has sprouted, meaning that I did not succeed in accidentally killing them from overwatering or some other mishap. This one is Sweet Basil, and I’m still waiting on the red hot peppers and the tomatoes to poke their little heads above ground.

More settling in

January 16, 2011 Uncategorized

Today we continued last night’s fiesta of painting, flower-planting, cooking, cleaning and eating by: Walking a few miles to the farmer’s market in uptown phoenix and scoring fresh greens; Picking up fresh beans from JoBot and enjoying tasty pour-over coffee with leftover pumpkin bread; Planting more plants; Getting a gift of even MORE herbs to plant, as a housewarming gift from Ry’s mom; Driving to Home Depot, feeling awkward about being so domestic, and then spending 30 minutes discussing which ceramicRead More