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January 16, 2011 Uncategorized

PHX sunset

Today we continued last night’s fiesta of painting, flower-planting, cooking, cleaning and eating by:

Walking a few miles to the farmer’s market in uptown phoenix and scoring fresh greens;
Picking up fresh beans from JoBot and enjoying tasty pour-over coffee with leftover pumpkin bread;
Planting more plants;
Getting a gift of even MORE herbs to plant, as a housewarming gift from Ry’s mom;
Driving to Home Depot, feeling awkward about being so domestic, and then spending 30 minutes discussing which ceramic pots to buy for our new plants, as well as picking out a wood stain for the re-furb project we’re doing on our table and chairs. I think I might have time warped into me at 32;
Buying more wine. always a good thing;
Drinking said wine with caprese salad under candle lanterns on the patio;
Making fresh orange//grapefruit juice in our juicer [Juiceman’s are the Light of the world];
Roasting raw peanuts so we can make our own peanut butter;
Making plans for our hike to Quartz Peak in Estrella tomorrow.

It smells like burnt peanuts in here, but my hands smell of grapefruit and dish soap.

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