Counterinsurgency versus ‘international development work’

March 31, 2011 Uncategorized

TOLO News: Why Not Incentive for Peace in Daikundi?

This is an interesting look at Daikundi, a province where we are doing outreach [meaning, we cannot install a program office there due to the danger present, but we have staff working there who faciliate the adoption of our programming by those who can move more freely in the province].

I don’t know much about Daikundi yet, so I cannot vouch for the views in this blogpost, but it raises some points worth considering in the context of this upcoming “Transition” phase that we’ll all be in once foreign troops begin to leave. A lot of NGOs here are very likely to fail in their missions because they are dependent on military-induced stability to implement programs, and if this does not last after the handover, how can they be sustainable? It’s a complex reality here, that often feels very bleak, and much of the sentiments I hear outside the office is negative.

I havent made any real opinions yet. I am only gathering and sifting, observing and wondering.

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