today is day number five

March 25, 2011 Uncategorized

and already I think I’ve gone out more times than I did on average in a month back home. It’s because, I’ve quickly realized, having a strong social network and consistency of things to go do is a serious lifeline here in terms of keeping one’s sanity and not burrowing down in homesickness.

I can’t be the homebody here that I am somewhat back home, because if I was, I’d go nuts.

The first couple days were rough, but yesterday and today have been breakthroughs both professionally and socially, in terms of finding some more solid footing and looking ahead at the next two years with more confidence. More to come..


  1. melissa says:

    i still cannot believe you are in afghanistan. it seems like a dream world, even farther away than across the world. i have to hand it to you, you are entirely too amazing.

    • heyosita says:

      It is a dream world.. this place is ridiculous in terms of poverty being surrounded by half-hidden luxury. It’s a very strange duality to be living in…

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