The Final Countdown!

March 16, 2011 Uncategorized

I’ve got three days to go here until I leave, and it feels both exciting and overwhelming.. for now I’m just trying to ride the wave until the plane takes off. Ry and I had an awesome weekend in LA, riding our bikes 41 miles through the city [crazy and super fun] and getting some drives up and down the coast.

In the last few weeks I’ve been lucky to see my aunt, uncle, cousins [one set of them anyways], and yesterday my brother flew in to PHX to hang with me for 24 hours, which was a hilariously good time, as always. I wish I would have had time to go back to the PNW before leaving, but it’s too late this time around so I’ll be living on my Christmas memories until that visit can happen again.

After dropping off my brother this morning I drove over to Squaw Peak to get in a hike since I haven’t been there in long time. It was pretty hot already but I made it up in about 45 minutes, took a breather, took in the view for possibly the last time in a while, and headed back down. It felt good to be breathing and sweating too hard to be able to think about anything else.

This guy in the foreground on the left was yanking his hysterically crying kid up the path by one arm, alternating with pushing him from behind, all the while yelling at him to keep going. I wanted to punch him. It’s 90 degrees out with no shade! I also wanted to suggest that positive reinforcement typically works better than physical abuse, but figured that no parent likes being told how to parent, so I moved on.

View from the top. So long, Phoenix smog. I’ll miss you, a little. But there’s plenty more of you where I’m going.

Today I am determined to finish packing [it’s never been this hard before!], and then tonight we’re having dinner with a friend at the Tuck Shop, one of our fav places in the Coronado neighborhood. Tomorrow we’ll see Ry’s fam, Friday we try to do as much as possible together, and Saturday that’s all she wrote. Leavin on a jet plane. Sayonara. Still finding it hard to believe.

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