Starting anew

January 12, 2011 Reflections

I’ve tried blogging before and was never very good at being consistent. Same with my paper-and-pen journals. But since 2011 is about to bring a world of new experiences, I decided that I’d better start again. I think my brain is craving a mechanism for reflection and creative thought, after the ups and downs of the past year which left me feeling achingly stagnant. And while it seems my whole life so far has been a series of transitions from one phase to another, the year ahead feels especially┬ámomentous. It will involve another relocation, new languages and culture, and sorting out the details of a long-distance relationship, as well as learning a new role and new sense of autonomy within the confines of social, political, and religious contexts that are still mostly foreign to me. Perhaps most exciting will be observing the transitions of the country and people with whom I’ll be working. That is a privilege which I still find hard to believe that I’ve been offered, and which I am so grateful to have.

So here goes another blog.

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